Masego: Trap House Jazz

bykjhkjSo one day, one of my friends posted a link to one of her friend’s playlist on Apple Music. It was a really good playlist with chill music from artists like Brent Faiyaz, Dvsn, Roy Woods, Ella Mai, etc. Just a vibe.  That’s my favorite kind of music. So I came across this song on the playlist called “Tadow” by Masego. I was really feeling it so I pulled up his music on Apple Music and just let it play while I did some homework. I ended up playing him allll night. His most popular song is definitely not his best song, but I guess that’s the way it usually goes.

Masego is a 20 something Black guy from Virginia. I just found out he’s Jamaican. He taught himself how to play saxophone, piano, drums, and hella other instruments. He’s constantly adding new instruments to his skill set. He’s produces, too. He’s funny af. Just a cool ass guy. His music is such a chill vibe. He describes it as “trap house jazz” and that’s exactly what it is. It’s jazz, but at the same time, theres way more to it. I don’t really know the music terminology to describe it. There’s usually a lot of base. There’s more than just the jazz aspect. I’m in love. It’s perfect to listen to while doing some work or taking care of business because its relaxing,  but not sleepy relaxing. It’s more of a productive relaxing if that makes sense. There’s not so much going on in his songs that it distracts you but it’s also not boring. I like to play Masego while cleaning, driving to class/work, doing my make up, or just chillin working on some things with my candles and salt lamp lit, maybe with incense burning. It’s just perfect. I can picture myself playing his music at some sort of social mixer. The kind where ppl walk around sipping wine and cocktails meeting new people and just mingling, having a good time. That’s kind of odd being that I feel awkward in those kind of settings, so why would I throw one, lol. Idk, it’s just great music for that kind of event. My favorite album so far is Loose Thoughts, but I usually just go to his Apple Music page and just let all of his music shuffle. He is featured on other artists’ songs like GoldLink, SiR, and VanJess.

When you listen to him, I would suggest either playing it really loud. You can feel the energy he puts into his music transferring to you. It’s impossible to not feel good listening to Masego. I listen to him in the morning on my way to school or work just to put myself in a good mood and start the day off with positive vibes.I know I said this a few times, but it’s really a vibe. I vibe so hard listening to him. I’ve watched videos, like the one below, of him making songs and you can just see him having so much fun doing what he loves to do. It’s really motivating to watch someone in their element, doing their “job” and being able to tell that it doesn’t even feel like work to them. You can just feel the passion radiating off of him.

So the beginning of this video doesn’t have words but its pretty lit to watch. I skipped to the part where Masego actually sings, but you should def. rewind it. I love watching artists do what they do best. Seeing the talent flow out of them organically kind of gives me chills. It definitely makes you appreciate the music even more.

Y’all should head over to his Apple Music or SoundCloud and let me know what you think!


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