Hello, Welcome

img_39361-e1523823028147.pngWell hello mothafucka! Welcome to my blog. I’m Keykey, obviously. All my life, I’ve pretty much flown below the radar. People “know” me, but very few people really KNOW me. I’m just a really “to myself” type of person. I don’t really express myself much in front of others. Sure people know the basics, but barely anyone knows how goofy I am, what makes me happy, or what runs through my head on a daily basis. It’s not that I’m shy or afraid to express myself, I just never really cared to. I mean, I talk to people, but they don’t get the full Keykey. They just get the top layer. The purpose of this blog is to peel back that top layer. I want to come out of my shell a little and show you who I am and what my interests are. One of my personal goals is to be more expressive and show the world who I really am. Like many of us are, but many hate to admit, I’m still learning who I am. This is a space for me to get to know me and for you to get to know me. So, come in, grab a drink, take a seat, and join me as we get to know Keykey, together. ♥♥♥

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